Staying at the Table: The Gift of Unity for United Methodists

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Unity is a gift of God that involves us staying at the table to find common ground in “the extreme center.”

Talk of a United Methodist denominational split is not going away, only intensifying. Unless we can go beneath the issues that divide us to find our common ground, we will splinter or worse, just argue ourselves into irrelevance and oblivion.

Here, Bishop Scott Jones reminds us that “the strength of Wesleyan doctrine is its ability to articulate holistic, balanced, and practical interpretation of Scripture. It is conservative in some ways and liberal in other ways; it occupies the extreme center and is totally opposed to the dead center.

Tackling divisive issues such as homosexuality, race and gender, and authority of Scripture, Jones shows the logical contours of the conversation by locating them in larger questions of doctrine and ecclesiology. He outlines the logic of our current position and explains why it is defensible, while at the same time suggesting a logic for change.

Responders include: William J. Abraham, Lonnie D. Brooks, Mary Brooke Casad, Amy DeLong, Sudarshana Devadhar, Sally Dyck, James A Harnish, Carolyn E. Johnson, Susan J. Laurie, Bill McAlilly, Patricia L. Miller, John R. Schol, Joe M. Whittemore, Gerald “Jay” Williams, William H. Willimon, and David K. Yemba.

Why Extreme Center?

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